Sunday, March 12, 2017

What should happen with Fresno's Eaton Plaza?

Alternative Title: Do master plans mean anything?

Fresno does not have enough park space. In 2015, the city's proud accomplishment was going from dead last in the nation in tied with dead last, in a ranking developed by the Trust for Public Land. In 2016, the city "rose" to 3rd from the bottom.

But only because the ranking system expanded.

2012 - 40th out of 40
2013 - 50th out of 50
2014 - 60th out of 60
2015 - 74th out of 75
2016 - 97th out of 100

Oh, and the last two cities were last because they failed to respond to the survey.

The 2016 ParkScore Index, published Thursday by the Trust for Public Land in Washington, D.C., shows that Fort Wayne, Ind., crept into the bottom spot below Fresno at 98th. This was the first year that Fort Wayne has been included in the ParkScore survey. Gilbert, Ariz., and Laredo, Texas, were unranked this year because they didn’t provide data on their municipal park systems to the Trust for Public Land.
Fresno Bee
With that context, it's important to pay attention was the city is looking to spend money on a new park, especially in a part of the city that is severely lacking.

Enter Eaton Plaza.